Method4’s Big Scout Challenge
Sarah Copner - 15 Awst 2018

Here at Method4, we pride ourselves on challenging the elements in the name of charity. 
After a lot of brainstorming we decided that this year’s charity challenge should be a little easier than climbing mountains and walking marathons (see our previous blogs!) and decided on our very own DIY SOS to help the Scouts renovate the Victoria Scout Camp in Ebbw Vale. However, although we thought we had taken an easier option, the elements had a different idea!

Beforehand our in-house Scout Leader Ben, explained to us that the camp was overrun with brambles and nettles, which meant the children attending were lacking space to pitch their tents. The camp itself needed some Method4 elbow grease, and in addition, we decided that it would be a great idea to build them a brick barbecue area.

On Saturday August 11th, after a warm and sunny week, we arrived eager to start with our gloves, tools and paintbrushes. We had a team painting fences, another laying down paving slabs and bricks for the BBQ, and a group that started the task of chopping down the brambles in large sections either side of the camp that were to meet in the middle, however after a cloudy but dry morning the weather quickly closed in. 
Battling the cold and the pouring rain, we didn’t think it would ever be possible to clear the heavily overgrown areas and finish the barbecue, but after 8 hours and a lot of PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) we reached our goal. Using the branches and undergrowth that we cut down, we piled it onto the outskirts of the camp fencing that had been the access point for multiple break-ins, thus making it more secure for the Scouts.

Although the challenge was much harder than anticipated, we achieved our target. The Scouts now have a fully functional BBQ to enjoy over the rest of the summer, a cleared space to utilise, and can feel safer in a more protected campsite.