The Umbraco back-office is now available in Welsh!

Owain Jones
Owain Jones - 22 February 2021


During last year’s Hacktoberfest I submitted my first ever pull request into the Umbraco CMS core, I added Welsh translations for the entirety of the Umbraco back-office!


As Method4 is an Umbraco Gold Partner with Welsh-speaking team members and clients, it only made sense for us to contribute to the Umbraco Community by translating the back-office so that they can enjoy the Umbraco back-office experience through the medium of Welsh!

How is Umbraco translated?

Translations in Umbraco are stored as Key-Value pairs, the alias is how Umbraco knows what translation value to grab from the language files. For example, if you have a button that you want to say “Enable”, then you would add the alias [enable]; Umbraco will then check the current language file for a key with that alias and use its value.

Welsh translation resource code

I based the Welsh translations file off of the en and en_us translation files and, to make the process easier, I wrote a quick script that would compare my new language file to the other language files; this made the process of keeping track of how many translations I had left to add a lot easier. The whole translation process took a couple of months, as I was only working on it may be an hour or so every few weeks, but 2,017 translation keys later and it was ready for a PR into Umbraco!


You can view the Pull Request on GitHub here:

Umbraco back office in Welsh

Umbraco back office User section in Welsh