Cookie Policy

Cookie policy

We use cookies, like most websites, to improve online access and make viewing our site quick and reliable. They cannot be used to identify you or collect any information about you personally.

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The functionality of our cookies

Below is a list of cookies used by this website:

  • ASP.NET_Sessionid
    This enables parts of forms that have been completed to be redisplayed if the page is reloaded, for example if the form is incomplete or the information given is the wrong format.  The cookie exists for the time spent visiting the website and are deleted when you close the browser.
  • CookiesAccepted
    Remembers that you have been shown a one-off message with details of our cookie usage policy when you first visit this website. ​This cookie expires a year after your visit.
  • Web analytics cookies: _ga and _gat
    These cookies distinguish unique users, remember the number and time of previous visits, check how long a visitor stays on the site and remembers information about where the visitor came from. They also slow the request rate to ensure recording of analytics is performed efficiently.
  • ARRAffinity
    This cookie is made up of a random unique number and letter string which is deleted when you close your browser. This is used by Azure websites and web apps to improve the user experience.