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The examinations board WJEC contracts thousands of external examiners and moderators, known as appointees.

Method4 was tasked to create a new online system to manage the recruitment and workload of appointees and to provide a way of communicating effectively with them.


  • Allow applicants to apply online to become an appointee for WJEC
  • Automate the process of collecting references
  • Create a central database of appointees working for WJEC
  • Invite appointees to specific roles
  • Allow WJEC subject officers to manage the workload appointees
  • Communicate to appointees about meetings and events they are expected to attend


  • A secure online system to manage the workload of appointees
  • Built with .NET and SQL Server and hosted on Amazon Cloud
  • Fully bilingual in Welsh and English


  • Speeds up the process of recruitment of appointees
  • Facilitates an immediate response to applicants after subject officer approval
  • Provides a central database of all appointees that work for WJEC
  • Enables appointees to inform the WJEC of changes to their circumstances
  • Improves the quality of data via increased data validation of fields
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