Bacs Payment Schemes Ltd

SharePoint migration and Information Hub

Bacs needed to upgrade their SharePoint 2007 website to the latest SharePoint 2013 system, as well as a re-branding of their site. They asked us to create a user friendly corporate website that would allow users to login, search and download documents.

Bacs are responsible for the schemes behind the clearing and settlement of automated payments in the UK. Since they began in 1968 they've debited or credited over 110 billion transactions to British bank accounts.

As part of their new website they asked for an Information Hub that would display documents to users. We built them a metadata driven resource tool that can be customised on every page to display public and protected documents. We also re-built the branding, web forms and page templates to implement their new responsive design to create a slick user friendly site.

To view the Bacs website click here


  • build a responsive website implementing the new branding
  • migrate all the content from the old site
  • implement the metadata infrastructure behind the Information Hub


  • LESS used to write style sheets for a responsive design
  • content migrated using PowerShell scripts
  • bespoke metadata driven search using SharePoint search API


  • cleaner, more efficient and user friendly design
  • easier for users to find information
  • compatible with mobile devices