Natural Resources Wales

Compliance system

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) needed a compliance system they could use to schedule and record compliance visits, but that would also integrate with their existing systems. We built them the Compliance Assessment Reporting System (CARS).

NRW is the largest Welsh Government Sponsored Body in Wales, part of their role is to check and report on compliance to regulations that protect people and the environment, including within the marine, forest and waste industries. CARS is a fully integrated cloud based system, designed and custom built to meet NRW’s requirements: it schedules visits, allows their assessors to make notes, upload images to their Asset bank image storage system, sends documents to their SharePoint online document management system and integrates with a Microsoft Dynamics CRM System to retrieve permitting information.


  • integration with several different systems
  • complex scheduling requirements
  • a user friendly and accessible system
  • produce management information reports from inputted data


  • bespoke cloud based, .NET, MVC web application
  • bespoke APIs to allow data retrieval from other systems
  • SQL Cloud database to store compliance data
  • SQL server reporting services to produce complex reports on data


  • digital storage of reports
  • version control and full audit history
  • integration of all systems into one interface
  • generates revenue as invoices are automated