ATM Locator App

There are around 70,000 cash machines connected to the LINK network, which is effectively every ATM in the UK. Method4 designed and developed a feature-rich mobile phone app on behalf of LINK, which helps consumers locate and access cash on the move. Available for iPhone and Android phones, this is the most comprehensive mobile application of its type for finding ATMs in the UK.


Working closely with our client, Link Scheme Ltd, we designed and developed the app using the cross-device development platform, Xamarin. This gave our development team the benefit of working in a single code base for both iPhone and Android enabling rapid parallel development on both mobile phone platforms, delivering significant cost savings to the client.

Usability testing with a cross section of the consumer market throughout development allowed problems to be identified early and ensured a high quality final user experience.

Working with Thomas Pocklington Trust, a sight loss charity, we were able to verify the accessibility features that had been built into the apps including the ability to use the app effectively with iPhone and Android assistive technologies, VoiceOver and Talkback.

The app shows users their nearest ATMs using both a map and a list view. Distance and direction information is displayed using the mobile phone's internal location and compass facilities. It can also filter search results, for example by providing information on: ATMs providing audio assistance, ATMs that will dispense £5 notes; free-to-use ATMs; or those belonging to a specific bank.

The app is designed to feel natural to users of each device type. For example, Google Maps is integrated into the Android version, whereas the iPhone uses Apple Maps.

Other functionality includes: consumer tips on how to stay safe when using an ATM; a feedback system allowing consumers to report problems with ATMs; and a mechanism allowing alerts to be shown when near a favourite ATM.

The app is available on the App Store for iPhone and Google Play for Android.


  • data on 70,000+ ATMs available to consumers in map and list views
  • accessible to blind and partially sighted users
  • availability on different mobile phone platforms
  • comprehensive searching and filtering of ATM characteristics
  • feedback system to allow consumers to report problems with ATMs or accuracy of data


  • single cross-platform code-base (iPhone and Android) utilising the Xamarin platform
  • integration with Google Maps and Apple Maps
  • web service and database hosted in Microsoft Azure
  • testing throughout development with consumers in our usability labs
  • detects proximity to favourite ATMs using "geofencing" technology


  • the most comprehensive ATM locator app in the UK
  • demonstrates LINK's commitment to financial inclusion
  • reduced cost of development and on-going maintenance thanks to a single cross-platform code base
  • on demand retrieval of up-to-date ATM data from LINK