Croydon Council

Azure Web Services

Croydon Council are currently taking part in a digital transformation initiative, moving many of their current services to cloud based services. As part of this we built them two bespoke Microsoft Azure cloud based APIs, a Parking Permit Lookup API and an Address Lookup API.

To create the Parking Permit Lookup we replicated Croydon’s council tax and electoral roll databases in the Azure cloud, and created a bespoke API, which searches for the applicants address and lets them know if they’re eligible for a parking permit. To create the Address lookup we replicated the Local Land and Property Gazetteer (LLPG), which contains all the addresses in Croydon and the National Land and Property Gazetteer (NLPG), which contains all the addresses in Britain. We then created another bespoke API, which can search these databases to call up any address from a postcode or street name, freeing the council from payments to third party services. 


  • replicate large amounts of data to the cloud
  • create efficient search mechanisms to the data
  • Process 40 million O.S data records efficiently


  • SSRS packages written to move data into the cloud
  • bespoke APIs written in .NET
  • SQL Cloud databases to store data
  • OAUTH2 secure authentication


  • cloud based services
  • APIs can be used for multiple applications whenever needed by the council
  • lower costs
  • no longer reliant on third party services