SearchIn is our brand-new product to the market, giving you a streamlined way to integrate Azure Cognitive Search with your Umbraco 10+ website. With a few clicks and minimal configuration, you’ll have all the benefits that Azure Cognitive Search has to offer, giving your users powerful search capability over your content. 

You’ll be able to create, customise and fine-tune codeless search pages using our user-friendly backoffice interface.

Our fully-featured query builder allows you to get started building queries to retrieve information from your indexes without needing to write a single line of code.

Using our visual builder you can seamlessly link index fields to Umbraco properties allowing you to index your entire site, meaning peak efficiency and optimal search capability. 

Every part of SearchIn is customisable and extendable. Developers will have access to a rich and flexible API that will let you interface with SearchIn to create your own custom search solutions.