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On 16th September 2013, the Payments Council launched a new account switching service – the Current Account Switch Service. This is a free-to-use service for consumers, small charities, small businesses and small trusts, and is designed to make switching current accounts from one bank or building society to another, simpler, reliable and hassle-free. For the first time, the Current Account Switch Service is backed by a new Current Account Switch Guarantee, supported by UK banks and building societies.

Adrian Kamellard, Chief Executive at the Payments Council said, "The new Current Account Switch Service ensures customers receive a clear and consistent standard level of service so that anyone who wants to switch their provider can be confident about what will happen, and when."

As part of an overall media campaign, working alongside a number of agencies, Method4 helped build the website together with its dynamic features, accessibility controls and content management functions. The site is mobile aware, adapting to the different capabilities and resolutions of users’ browsers.

Daniel Fernandez, consultant at Method4 commented, “We very much enjoyed the opportunity to be involved in the build of the Simpler World website which has resulted in an attractive, fun and informative site, together with an easy-to-use and flexible content management system."

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