Umbraco Meetups have arrived in Cardiff
Sarah Howarth - 15 Mai 2016

As an Umbraco Certified Partner we were keen to meet up with other Umbraco developers to share ideas, solve problems and take inspiration. However we found that although there are several thriving Umbraco Meetups across the country, South Wales had been left off the map. Never ones to let a minor setback stand in our way we decided to set up our own.

Last night over some beer and pizza we hosted our very first UmbCardiff Meetup. We’re pleased to say it was a great success with discussions continuing until late into the evening. Ed Parry, one of our Umbraco Certified Developers led the stage and explained the changing certification process and the new MVC exam, which he was one of the first in the country to sit. The main purpose of the night was to test the interest for such events within the Umbraco community and find out what other users wanted to gain from them. Luckily we found that like us, many felt the capacity to meet locally on a social rather than professional level to discuss Umbraco development, had been missing for too long.

Umbraco has been evolving quickly since their last version release at the end of 2013 so we’re hoping to hold a Meetup at least every couple of months. The move to providing a managed service on a Microsoft Azure platform will create many more users (and potential issues!), so if you work with Umbraco or just have an interest feel free to sign up and join us. We’re also open to ideas if you have anything you would like us to cover or if you would like to speak at a future event please get in touch.