Why promote a healthy workplace?
Sarah Howarth - 03 Mai 2018
We spend the majority of our waking hours in the workplace, eating well at home and going to the gym after work is great but if you’re in an unhealthy workplace 9-5 it’s ultimately bad news. As the Business Manager at Method4 it’s my job to make sure we’re taking care of the long-term mental and physical health of our team. Here are our top tips to consider when trying to detox your workplace:


Sitting all day is REALLY bad for you!

Studies have linked excessive sitting with obesity, type 2 diabetes, some types of cancer and early death- scary! We’re constantly thinking of ways that we can get our team on their feet, from lunchtime table tennis tournaments to our new breakfast bar that can be used as a standing desk. But you don’t have to break the bank, there are simple, cheap and effective things you can do to get your team on their feet.

Stand-up meetings are great when you need a quick informal meeting, you can have them anywhere, you could even go for a walk! Another great one for us is discouraging tea and coffee rounds, they may seem nice and friendly but everyone needs a break from their screen to stay focused and productive, drinks rounds deprive people of this mental break and increase sitting time.


Don’t get stuck in the sugar trap!

The tech industry is all about employee perks and we see many companies equating happy employees with endless sugary drinks and barrels of biscuits to the detriment of their employees long-term health. In 2016 Professor Nigel Hunt hit the headlines warning of the effects of ‘office cake culture’ fuelling obesity and dental problems, our office was no different with increasing staff numbers bringing more birthday cake and holiday sweets into the kitchen. For the last few years we’ve made a real effort to combat the volume of sugar. Don’t get us wrong we’re not adverse to an Office Bake Off, there’s no bootleg sugar market running out of stationary cupboard! However, we try to steer away from the high sugar options when purchasing as a company and instead fill the office with healthier options, such as fruit bowls for the team when they have a drop in energy.

My personal favourite introduction has been the annual Holiday Awards, every year we set a holiday challenge for the team to do or bring back from their trips rather than sweets and chocolates. Last years tackiest magnet competition brought some interesting additions to the Method4 fridge and our awards ceremony compèred by our social sec James went down a storm.


Exercise doesn’t have to be boring!

We recognise that exercise isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but the benefits including lowering the risk of chronic diseases, stress and depression, whilst boosting self-esteem and sleep quality mean it always has a place on our agenda.

There are so many options available, we have a running club every Tuesday, we’ve hired a local pitch for football, and even walked a marathon and done the 3 Welsh Peaks Challenge for charity. Choose whatever works and interests your team!


Method4 is now a finalist for Best Tech Workplace 2018 at the Wales Technology Awards!